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Ch.5 & 6 Questions
May 31, 2008, 12:32 am
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1. What day and time is it at the beginning of chapter 5?

At the beginning of chapter 5 the day and time is sunday afternoon.

2. What is Lennie doing in the barn by himself?

The reason why Lennie is in the barn by himself is because he went in there to play with his puppy

3. Why does Lennie think that he might not get to tend the rabbits?

Lennie thinks that he won’t be alble to tend the rabbits if George finds out that Lennie killed the puppy

4. Who visits Lennie in the barn?

While Lennie is in the barn Curley’s wife comes to visit him

5. According to Curley’s wife, why isn’t anyone going to leave the horseshoe tournament?

Curley’s wife says that no one is going to leave the horseshoe tournament because they all have a $4 bet on the game.

6. According to Curley’s wife, how come she didn’t get into show business?

According to Curley’s wife, she didn’t get to go into show business because her mother wouldn’t let her, her mother thought that she was too young

7. What can we infer is the reason Curley’s wife married Curley?

We can infer that Curley’s wife married Curley because she did wanna stay in a place where she wasn’t going to get anywhere or couldn’t make something of herself.

8. What plan does Lennie have to avoid getting in trouble?

Lennie’s plan to not get into trouble is to take the puppy out of the barn and throw him away

9. What did Lennie lose that he wishes that he had now?

Lennie wishes he had the piece of velvet that his Aunt Clara had given to him

10. For what does Curley’s wife yell at Lennie?

Curley’s wife yells at Lennie because Lennie wouldn’t let go of her hair when she let him touch it

11. What did Lennie do to Curley’s wife?

Lennie got scared when Curley’s wife started screaming so he started to shake her, and ended up breaking her neck and killing her.

12. Who finds Curley’s wife?

Candy finds Curley’s wife

13. What does Candy hopefully ask George?

Candy asks George if he and George and can still get that little place together that they were talking about even without L

14. What favor does George ask of Candy?

George asks Candy to let him go back into the bunk house with other guys before he tells anyone else what had happened to Curley’s wife. So that when he tells the other men about what had happened they won’t think that George was in on it too.

15. What does Carlson think happened to his Luger?

Carlson think that Lennie had stolen his Luger

16. Where is Lennie hiding?

Lennie is hiding by the Salina’s River where they had spent the night in the beginning of the book

17. With whom does Lennie have his first imaginary conversation?

Lennie’s first imaginary conversation was with his Aunt Clara

18. With whom/what does Lennie have his second imaginary conversation?

Lennie’s second imaginary conversation was with a giant rabbit that sounded like George

19. What story does George tell Lennie?

George tells Lennie about their dream of having their own farm together with their own piece of land, he also tells him how he would be able to live alot easier of a life if he didn’t have Lennie to worry about getting into trouble all the time

20. What does he do while telling him this story?

While George is telling Lennie this story he is taking out Carlson’s Luger and he puts it to the back of Lennie’s head

21. Write wherther or not George was justified in what he did to Lennie.

I think that what George did was justified in killing Lennie. Although it is wrong to kill anybody, George was justified in this case, because if George hadn’t done it, it would have been much worse for Lennie. At least this way George was able to have control of the situation. If the other men would have gotten a hold of him there’s no telling what kind of horrible things they would have done to him. Especially Curley because after all Lennie was the one who crushed Curley’s hand.




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